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The OpenEnergyData Wiki provides information about energy efficiency and renewable energy-interfaces for data and services access in the cloud and on devices.

It is from the community for the community. Your first step to help extend it may be the getting started guide.

The goal of the wiki is to provide product developers and product managers with an overview about available data interfaces outside the Department of Energy to ease product planning. It may save some time for software developers searching for data on the way.

The wiki is operated by EnergieSchweiz.ch, an entity of the Department of Energy www.bfe.admin.ch.

All data in this wiki is licenced by Creative Commons Licence CC BY-SA 4.0. By adding your original content you accept this licence.


Kickstart your efforts with a click

Agriculture: Appropedia, Eaternity API, PracticalPlants.

HomeAutomation: A HomeKit by Apple, BACnet, Cluster Library by ZigBee, KNX by KNX.org, LonWorks by Echelon, Mystrom, Nest by Google, OpenHAB, Smart Home by Eclipse, Tado.

Mobility: CO2 Calculator by myclimate, Car Type data by ADAC, Car Type data by VCD, Car Type data by carscri.be, CarPooling by Uber, CarPooling by flinc, Charge Point data by LEMnet, Charge Point data by PlugShare, MIAG by Mobility Car Sharing, OnStar by Opel and GM, Open Street Map, Open Transit Data Switzerland, Parking Data by Viasuisse, Slow Transport Embed by Schweizmobil, Slow Transport Map Shapes by Schweizmobil, Swiss Public Transport API by SBB, Traffic Data by Viasuisse.

Power: Balancing Energy by Swissgrid, Charge Point data by PlugShare, European Energy Trading Data, General Weather Information.

Dive deeper into the topics covered

The OpenEnergyData Wiki provides special data sections for buildings, transport, efficiency, HomeAutomation, renewable power and its optimization, devices and products and some others.

For industrial purposes there is also a section to help understand industrial processes.

Discovery of other Content

You may find information through the following pages.

  • The complete set of data and service pages.
  • Only the data and services that come as a cloud-API.
  • Dive deeper based on your topics of interest. Find there for example information and links to respective data and services that are relevant for buildings, power, transport, efficiency, devices and products.
  • Check out the different categories that are used to bring some order into the information.
  • See a collection of all other pages.
  • Get an overview of all pages, except category pages.

Types of data access

There are several types of data access.

  • Access on a specific devices. Such is usually standards based.
  • File based data, sent through email, e.g. once a year.
  • File based data that is accessed through FTP or compareable means.
  • Full fledged Cloud-APIs usually based on http and REST.

Level of information

For managers it shall ease getting an overview of available data. It shall support product managers in the ideation process. It simplifies the process of their product design or the definition of the specific requirements they want to meet. In this process they can understand the involved cost for access to data.

Developers may find first overview about the available data and links to the detailed repositories. Addressed APIs are specifically Cloud- and Device-APIs.

What we consider to be "open"

"open" in the context of this wiki refers to all data that is accessible for some organsiations in Switzerland paid or free through standard or special contracts.

What this wiki is not for

This wiki is not intended to be an API-repository nor an API-Developer Platform. Specifically it is not supposed to provide detailed developer information. Such information shall be found in repositories or with the provider of the webservice.

How you can support

The wiki grows through your input. So please add your knowledge through new pages or corrections. So please ask for a login by sending your adress, email and interest to oedwiki at mojaconsult.com. Allow 48h for your registration to pass through. As soon as you have your registration passed please

  • Add an APIs you know.
  • Add your know-how about existing API descriptions.
  • Help us on specific pages that needs work. Find them in Kategorie:Stub.

It doesn't matter how complete your additions are. It has already value to see what APIs or data there is available. Somebody will fill in details later. It's a wiki after all. Some help about how to add a page

In case you want to see our take on what may be of interest for the addressed group of people, check Data_Pages_explained.

You may want to check an example page that is already mostly complete:


Interested in what is going on? Check the latest changes Moderation page.

Help Ressources

Find help about the usage of this wiki on Benutzerhandbuch.

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