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This section addresses devices that consume energy in any type of way.


Positioning in the context of energy

Devices help us in our everyday life. Many of them consume electricity. Many device areas are mapped widely by considering their energy needs through the “Energy Label” and “Energy Star”. Such information can be used for making decision when buying less energy intense products or for operating the products more efficiently. Therefore, the most important target groups are:

  • tenant
  • owner / planner / architect
  • industry

Types of Devices

Devices may be segmented by the following areas

  • Light bulbs,
  • Electronics, including TVs and computers,
  • Household water devices,
  • Other Mobility devices, including E-Bikes and Scooters,
  • Cars,
  • White Ware,
  • Industry electric motors,
  • Other Industry devices including pumps,
  • Large Mobility, including trucks, busses and trains.

Relevant information

Most relevant information for the customer:

  • energy used per value-created,
  • standby energy used,
  • grey energy usage,
  • efficiency label to understand the general efficiency of the device.

General relevant information

General information about the value of the product is needed to understand the value relative to the energy needs.

Available non-API Services

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