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v-Zug provides some of its kitchen and cellar devices with an interface called v-Zug Home. Those devices have a programming interface. Documentation is available on request at v-Zug.

v-Zug Home
Value of API: Access to device configuration and notifications
Data available on the API:
Provider: v-Zug
Region covered: international
Pricing (free offering?):
Homepage: v-Zug Home (de)
Licence on data:
Programmable Web URL:
Second Category:
Protocol / Formats:
Mode of Authentication:
Developer Forum :
Console URL:
Type of versioning of API:
SLA (service-level agreement):
Reception in the community:
Status: Initial (2016)

Service Details

  • Receiving Push-Notifications
  • Surveillance of devices
  • Simple configuration of user setups
  • Time synchronisation
  • Simple updates

Developer Information

Please Contact v-Zug to receive access to further information.

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